TribeDiaspore is a podcast that will be launching very soon and is one of the several strings to my bow (I’ll write up a post about it soon as!).  To get some awareness out there my good friend Seun Onasanya and founder of TribeDiaspore hosted a launch event to ”celebrate African sounds through live performances and timeless music.” and unsurprisingly to me the night was an outstanding success.


The night Opened up with Seun dropping a spoken word piece which I will upload here once the first podcast episode is out. We recorded a version of this at my studio a couple months back so was nice to see how the public reacted to it.

Also on the night was a live band performance by the electrifying Kokoroko music group (Definitely a highlight of the night), some more spoken word by JJ Bola and a closing set by Moelogo.

Sunday 23RD July so the first event hosted by the tribeDiaspore team. I’ll make a post describing them more ASAP but back to the event.


The event was held in Deptford in a quiet little bar on a side road next to Tomi’s Kitchen. The event saw the likes of JJ Bola, Moelogo and the live band