Welcome and happy you’ve found me here.

People call me Yobo +I believe that one day I will be I am Great = Yobo The Great.  Simple right?

So about ‘Yobo The Great’

Software Tester by day, aspiring Sound engineer by night. I Currently own a Music studio in Greenwich with a good friend who goes by the name Jazdeep.

But that is only of the many strings to my bow which should become very clear over time. (Thats the plan of this site but please bear with me right now everything I do is in some sort of organised mess in my brain)

(In short This is a just a portfolio site of what I do/ done / plan to do)

The purpose of my site is to document my own personal journey to ‘Greatness’ and create a place where people can see all the different things I do in my life.

Excuse the mess in what is I guess my first bit of writing and thoughts gathering below.

I believe that no matter how little or big ones achievements are they are all building stones to our ultimate greatness.

I want us all (‘us all’ being everyone I know and in turn everyone they know) to be able to give each other support in whatever it is we do whether it be by a motivational message, good solid advice or as simple as a chat about whatever it may be.


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